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certified translations of notarial deeds
Vertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The HagueVertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The HagueVertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The HagueVertaalbureau All-Round, Den Haag | All-Round Translations, The Hague
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We put words into deeds

Notarial translations

The translation of a notarial deed is a highly specialized undertaking. The result must be accurate, complete and leave no possible room for interpretation. Our extensive experience in this field guarantees sworn translations of impeccable quality.


Translation of notarial documents

In the Netherlands, many civil law matters (other than litigation) are dealt with by the ‘notaris’, or civil law notary. Unlike notaries public in the Anglo-Saxon world, civil law notaries are university-trained lawyers who are appointed by the Crown. They are experts in family law, succession law, corporate law and property law. Very useful information (in English) on the work and position of the civil law notary can be found on the website of the Royal Dutch Notarial Society (KNB).

The incorporation of legal entities, property conveyancing, mortgage deeds, transfer deeds, prenuptial agreements, wills, etc.: all fall within the domain of the civil law notary. Over the years we have developed particular expertise in translating the  documents produced by civil law notaries.


Certified translations

When a translation of an official document has to be lodged with some official body, it is often stipulated that the translation must be ‘certified’, i.e. made by a sworn translator. We provide this service. All our legal translators are sworn translators and registered in the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Rbtv).



A certified translation can be validated by means of the standard ‘legalization’ procedure or, in certain circumstances, with a special court statement known as an ‘apostille’. We will be happy to undertake all formalities on your behalf, presenting a ‘ready-to-go’ product in the form of a fully legalized translated document.



With more than 69 years' experience we have a lot to offer to our customers. We know how important a thorough understanding of the subject matter is when translating any legal document. Legal translation demands very specialist knowledge and experience. That 100% accuracy is required goes without saying. Accordingly, we work exclusively with experienced, qualified sworn translators and proofreaders who have an established and proven background in the field of legal translation. In addition, we use state-of-the-art translation (CAT) tools to support the translation process.



Our language pairs are:
  • Dutch to English and English to Dutch
  • Dutch to German and German to Dutch
  • Dutch to French and French to Dutch
  • Dutch to Italian and Italian to Dutch

Our customers

We are pleased to be able to count more than 200 Dutch civil law notaries among our regular customers. Of course, their clients can also call upon our services. We also translate documents for other law firms, tax lawyers, government departments and companies and businesses of all types and sizes, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere.


What material do we translate?

Examples of the work we regularly undertake include:
  • articles of association
  • prenuptial agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • wills and probate
  • powers of attorney
  • shareholder agreements
  • correspondence
  • deeds of incorporation
  • mortgage deeds
  • purchase deeds
  • transfer deeds
  • merger deeds
  • title deeds
  • property division deeds
  • all other deeds and instruments


All-Round Translations, The Hague: certified translations of notarial deeds
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